Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen is based in Waterford, Ireland. He is a keen sports enthusiast.

Jeff is a veteran of the Irish Permanent Defence Force (PDF) having joined in 1985 and retired after 21 years’ service in 2006. During his time with the PDF, Jeff participated in sports and featured at various times for the army hurling, football, and soccer and tug of war sides.

Like many soldiers, Jeff harboured a great respect for the Army Ranger Wing (ARW), a very small elite unit of Special Forces soldiers. Only candidates who successfully complete a notoriously gruelling one month selection course are considered for entry to the ARW and 90% of all candidates commencing the course fail to make the grade.

Agata Hidalgo

Agatha H. Caubin Dip NT, is a Nutritional Therapist having trained with the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Cork and a Nutrition and Health education provider.My journey started in 2005 at the Natural Healing Centre in Cork where I began a Practitioners Diploma Course in Reflexology. I had always been interested in looking for new ways to improve my health. It was here that I was introduced to a new way...


The Healthy Lifestyle Program

At its most basic level, the Healthy Lifestyle Program is a specialised plan tailored to each individual based on how that individual lives his or her life. To date, the manual form of this program has yielded remarkable results in terms of improvements in the health, fitness and wellneing of its participants. READ MORE

HLP wheel
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School Program

We would like to introduce you to this revolutionary program specially designed for transition year students or older.

The Healthy Lifestyle Program (HLP) works over two days of group discussions, lectures and a group fitness assessment.

The main topics covered over these two days are Nutrition, Fitness, life coping skills, goal setting and applying proper logic and understanding to a balanced lifestyle.

Each student receives an individualised life chart to provide structure, understanding and motivation as well as participating in a group fitness assessment designed to measure the level of fitness of the group and to help them implement possible improvements for optimum performance and health.

School Programme
Corporate Program

Corporate & Companies Program

We at The Healthy Lifestyle Program are dedicated to assisting and improving the quality of the human factor in company work life.

This is achieved by implementing our specialised cooperate/company program which includes

  •  Life Coaching
  •  Nutrition
  •  Fitness


The Healthy Lifestyle Program have put together fantastic workshops and courses to suit the needs of community, clubs, organisations of all types. This is what we include in our courses.

Community Program

    Sugar / Hidden Ingredients in foods. Healthy Fats/Protein. Healthy Snacks / Food Combining


    Energy systems, Heart Rate Principles, FITT principle & Heart Rate Calculation


    Life Coaching
    Understanding yourself and the environment around you for better performance


    Mindfulness / Stress / Ustress
    The different ways in which stress might manifest physical, emotional, psychological & behavioural and how exercise/mindfulness can help.


    Fitness Group Test
    Bringing group awareness to physical fitness and allowing them to come together as group in a physical challenge.


    Healthy Lifestyle Wheel
    Showing the 6 elements to a healthy life style. Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Relaxation, friends/ family & work/education.


    Thinking & Doing
    The effects on the body of positive & negative thinking


    Ticking all the Boxes
    A mechanism to understand how to include the 6 elements each day


    The Colourful Lifestyle
    The more colour you have in your life the more colourful your life will be


    Lifestyle Chart
    Personalised life chart to put structure and education


    Group Dynamics
    Forming, storming, norming & performing


    Personal Conflict within a Group
    Understanding the four agreements


    Goal Setting
    Proper planning for proper action


    Cycle of Change
    Proving that there is no such thing as failure.


    Living Like the Hunter
    Understanding metabolism

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