At its most basic level, the Healthy Lifestyle Program is a specialised plan tailored to each individual based on how that individual lives his or her life. To date, this program has yielded remarkable results in terms of improvements in the health, fitness and wellbeing of its participants.

It has been designed with the latest research in the fields of Fitness, Life Coaching, Sports Therapy, Nutritional Therapy & the the highly motivational and unique expertise of an Ex Special Forces Operative. 

The program helps its participants to obtain a practical and holistic set of skills specifically designed for today's environment and its challenges.

The two day program helps students/individuals develop a greater awareness of themselves and their environment in order to succeed. 

we have now introduced a multi game event which encourages fitness, health, team work, group dynamics, leadership and overall physical fitness in an all inclusive and fun way.


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Jeff is a veteran of the Irish Permanent Defence Force (PDF) having joined in 1985 and retired after 21 years’ service in 2006. During his time with the PDF, Jeff participated in sports and featured at various times for the army hurling, football, and soccer and tug of war sides.

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